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Ohio State Women Look Lethargic at Nebraska, Lose the Basketball Game 58-39

There will be a lot of soul searching after this game, and there should be. If the Buckeyes have any hope of post-season play, they’re going to have to put this game behind them and figure out how to play together.
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Ohio State Buckeyes Get Pushed to Edge by Northwestern Wildcats

The score was tied 30-30 at halftime after an uncontested 3-point shot from the scorer’s table by Tre Demps of Northwestern. The big story for Ohio State in the first half was Lenzelle Smith Jr who was on fire with 12 points.

Young Buckeyes Look to Get Back on Track Tomorrow Against Northwestern

Hopefully the Buckeyes basketball team can get back on track against the Northwestern Wildcats on Valentines Day.
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Ohio State Buckeyes to Venture into a Pack of Angry Wolverines

Simply getting revenge on the Buckeyes and proving a point would have given all of the incentive Michigan needed to play their best against Ohio State. But this weekend, Michigan was given even more of a reason.

Ohio State Wins with Strong Defense Effort Against Nebraska

The Buckeyes leave Lincoln, Nebraska victorious.
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Ohio State Buckeyes Control the Wisconsin Badgers to Win 58-49

As good as the Badgers are, when the Buckeyes let loose they just couldn't match up. In those last ten minutes the Buckeyes were everywhere and in control.

Ohio State Buckeyes Fend Off an Iowa Hawkeye Surge

The Buckeyes get the win, but they have some serious reflection to do. While it didn't help that Deshaun Thomas sat on the bench for a few minutes after receiving a cut above his eye from a stray elbow, the other players should have been able to carry on.
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Ohio State Prepared for Michigan State Today

The Spartans are always a tough team to play at home. They are currently sitting on an 11 game win streak at home, and they have no intention of letting the Buckeyes come into their house and end that streak; however, the Buckeyes feel they have a good shot at defeating the Spartans.
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Ohio State Women Get Big Win Over Indiana, 68-45

Ohio State, sitting 0-4 in the Big Ten, was looking to break the ice on a long conference win streak that would give them a shot at making the end of season tournament. With Tayler Hill back from the illness that kept her out of Monday's game, the fans wondered if the team would continue their level of play from Monday, or would instead, revert back to an over dependence on Hill.
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Ohio State Women Lose in 3OT to Purdue, but Gain Much in Loss

The real story is that a team of players who had to adjust to new assignments at the last minute, stepped up to meet the challenge and took the #11 team in the country to triple overtime. They now have a glimpse of just how good they can be.


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